Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)

For handicap purposes after the round the player is required to adjust hole scores (actual or most likely) when these hole scores are higher than the maximum ESC number. A player can adjust for ESC on any number of holes—there is no limit. An adjusted gross score is a player’s gross score adjusted under the USGA Handicap System procedures for unfinished holes, conceded strokes, holes not played or not played under the Rules of Golf, or Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). ESC is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes, in order to make handicaps more representative of a player’s potential ability. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player’s Course Handicap.


Course Handicap Max # on Any Hole
9 or Less Double Bogey
10 through 19 7
20 through 29 8
30 through 39 9
40 or more 10