Hole 1

Hole 1


This par 5 opening hole is down hill with a slight dog leg right. It is a comfortable opening hole to a magnificently groomed golf course which is probably one of the best kept secrets in the Coachella Valley. How to Play: The opening tee shot should be kept out of the trees on the right side of the fairway. It is best to be down the left side of the fairway as this will open up the fairway for your second shot. The second shot needs be no more than two hundred yards that will keep the lake on the right side of the green out of play. The more daring can risk the green in two. Leave yourself a 100 yard third shot and all flag locations will be accessible. An opening par is a good start to begin your round.

Hole: 1, Par: 5

Men's Handicap: 8

Women's Handicap: 3

Black 543

Silver 521

Gold 504

Green 440

Orange 412