Hole 13

Hole 13

Description: The thirteenth hole looks relatively easy as it is straight away and all trouble can be seen from the teeing ground. Even though it is a short 384 yards from the silver tees, par can be as elusive as any hole on the golf course. The fairway comes to an end at 90 yards left to the green. From this point forward the wash is with heavy rough. Getting to the green in two, which is protected by three bunkers, right, left, and directly behind, is only half the battle as this green is one of the most difficult to read on the golf course. It does slope slightly from back to front, but the challenge comes in putting from side to side as the break is more than expected. How to Play: Driver is the play from the teeing ground to get as far down the fairway as possible to leave the shortest of irons left to the green. When the flag is in the front, one must be sure to have enough club to reach the green as the severe slope in front will prevent anything from bounding on which makes for a difficult chip. Reading this green for a two-putt is well done.​

Hole: 13, Par: 3

Men's Handicap: 13

Women's Handicap: 8

Black 410

Silver 383

Gold 369

Green 355

Orange 303