Hole 6

Hole 6


Description: The sixth hole on the front side brings the first dogleg left on the golf course. There is a punitive fairway bunker on the left of the fairway 215 yards off the tee. The green once again is small, sloping fairly steeply, from back to front, with the back part of the green being a small plateau for a great flag location. How to Play: The tee shot is the most demanding to this point. Hit it left and you end up in the punitive fairway bunker. Hit it right and you end up in trees with not much of a shot to the green. A good draw off the tee leaves another short iron to this tricky green. Do not be above the hole no matter where the flag is positioned as it will be a real tester for a two-putt. If the flag is blue and on the small upper tier, it is better to be short of the tier with an easier two-putt, than be over the green with a near impossible up and down for par.

Hole: 6, Par: 4

Men's Handicap: 12

Women's Handicap: 11


Black 364

Silver 344

Gold 330

Green 318

Orange 248