Hole 7

Hole 7


Description: The seventh hole is one of the best on the front side. Even though this slight dogleg right seems quite benign from the teeing ground, if one does not stay focused on the task at hand, a large number can be the result, especially if you are playing into the prevailing wind. How to Play: The tee shot needs to be down the center or favoring the left side of the fairway. Do not let the tee shot getaway and drift into the trees on the right, which makes the second shot even more difficult. Even if one has a play from the right side, make sure to take enough club as the perception is that the yardage to the green seems shorter and can result in your third shot from the right-side bunker. Down the center or to the left side of the fairway opens the green to a second shot. If the prevailing wind is up, hitting the green in regulation can be quite difficult as the ball must be struck solidly with plenty of club. Once on the green, the breaks are more severe to Indio than the naked eye's perception. Once again it is best to be under the hole and never above.

Hole: 7, Par: 4

Men's Handicap: 6

Women's Handicap: 5


Black 388

Silver 353

Gold 345

Green 338

Orange 241