Hole 8


Description: The eighth hole is the third of the six par threes and believe it or not, the easiest of the remaining four par threes. Even though it is listed at 204 yards from the silver tees, it is downhill and plays slightly less with the prevailing wind out of the right. Bunkered on both sides of the green a tee shot to the center is a job well done. The front of the green is actually downhill even though an optical illusion makes it look uphill. How to Play: A good solid long iron or fairway wood is the play recommended at this straight away par three. A tee shot drifting left or right will find one of the two greenside bunkers which will make par a challenging effort. With a flag location on the front, anything short of the green must be thought out carefully as the chip shot will run downhill for the first third of the green even though it looks uphill. The green is challenging in itself as both sides of the green slope severely to the center.

Hole: 8, Par: 4

Men's Handicap: 10

Women's Handicap: 15


Black 216

Silver 202

Gold 189

Green 177

Orange 123