The Mission Lakes Country Club Women’s Golf Association (MLCCWGA) began in 1973 with 31 charter members. The goal was to promote friendly competition and provide social interaction among the women members of MLCC.

From the beginning the founding members were cognizant of the need to have useful and viable Bylaws. The Bylaws were adopted by the General Membership on September 15, 1973. The first revision did not come until April 10, 1976. From the beginning they have been a “living” document to aid in the administration of the MLCCWGA.

With the Bylaws adopted, the club began its charter with the Western American Golf Association (WAGA, a chartered association under the USGA), which provided additional benefits for the members, the most important being Handicap Services and outside tournament opportunities. In 2000 WAGA was dissolved and the club was chartered under the Women’s Southern California Golf Association (WSCGA) and continues to this day. The WSCGA provides members of the MLCCWGA additional benefits which include: Handicap Services, Education (Membership Leadership Workshops), USGA Handicap Certification seminars, Rules Education services, Championship and Association tournament opportunities, membership in the Women’s Golf Council, to name a few. The offices of the WSCGA are located in San Dimas, CA and a staff is available Monday through Friday to assist Club officers.

The MLCCWGA is classified as a Division I club under the WSCGA which affords the MLCCWGA members opportunities to play other WSCGA Division I clubs in sponsored events for the cost of cart fees, entry, and food costs only. The WSCGA has approximately 200 Division I clubs spanning six Southern California counties.