Team Play

The MLMGA participates in two team play leagues--the San Jacinto League and the SCGA League. Team play is a great opportunity to play at other courses for just the cost of the cart fee. The SCGA league is generally considered to be the more competitive league. To sign up for team play, add your name to the list posted in the pro shop area in November of each year.

In the San Jacinto League, the Men’s Club has two separate teams of approximately 20 players each. In each match EIGHT (8) team members play home and away matches against the other teams in the league. Player’s current handicap index is used for the single and 4-ball match play. Players with any established index may play but are limited to using a maximum index of 18.4 in competition. Each team member competes in approximately 6 to 8 matches during the season. The season extends from December through April.

In the SCGA League, the Men’s Club fields a team of 16 members playing in a Thursday league with practice rounds the preceding Tuesday. Teams are arranged in a group of 4 clubs, and play a series of home and away matches within their assigned groups playing single- and 4-ball match play. The SCGA matches take place in January and February. Group winners then meet in single elimination playoffs. SCGA players use lowest handicap index over the last 12 months and that index must 18.4 or less to compete.